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It’s like a cheat sheet—-but with postive outcomes :3

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Oatmeal & Low Fat Yogurt for breakfast.

Pretty good way to start off the day :)

Did this last night in benching.
It’s a good feeling :)

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So true. It is SO easy to gain back weight that you lost due to starvation.  It’s also easier to binge when you aren’t feeding yourself properly.  Plus the more muscle you develop through working out, the more fat you burn while you’re inactive… like when sitting on Tumblr ;)

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My new kicks :)

My new favorite healthy snack! Yoplait light yogurt with granola.

xiomarazully said: first and formost LOVE your blog, 2nd every time I workout I always start breaking out with body acne D; is this normal can I prevent this? I always shower right after but it still happens -_-

Thanks! :)

Yea that actually is pretty normal.  I had that problem too but my solution was always just showering as soon as I could after working out. I would say try changing what you wear during a work out.  Try wearing a shirt made of wicking material (most have a tag that will say its a  wick fabric.  They sell them everywhere such as Target, Kohls, Nike, etc.).  These kind of shirts help pull the sweat away from your body and breath better than cotton Ts do.  Hope this helps!